Augmentation Evoker Mastery

Total Duration: 3 Hours

Initiate or Veteran, We’ve Got Your Back! 🌟 Ready to master the art of AUGMENTATION in Raids and Mythic+? Player 2 is here to UNLOCK your full potential.

🐉 Lessons

The Basics

1 HOUR 🕒
In the first session, we’ll GAUGE where you stand and lay down a SOLID FOUNDATION for your future gaming prowess. By the end, you’ll know how to play at a basic level.

Deep Dive

1 HOUR 🕒
This is where the MAGIC happens! We’ll identify your specific needs and areas for improvement, covering everything from cooldown usage to advanced tactics. Plus, we’ll correct any missteps and discuss your PROGRESS.


1 HOUR 🕒
This is the moment to SHARPEN your focus. We’ll address all your questions and make sure you’re ready to DOMINATE like the dragon you are!

A Training Plan is your FAST TRACK to leveling up in World of Warcraft. Tailored to your specific needs, our PRO coaches guide you through structured sessions to help you ACHIEVE your in-game goals.

Whether you’re a casual gamer looking to UPGRADE your skills or a competitive player aiming for the highest ranks, our Training Plans cater to all skill levels.

We offer various plans to fit different BUDGETS and needs. Prices vary, so check out our detailed pricing list for more information.

Sessions typically range from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the complexity and the specific TRAINING PLAN you choose.

Absolutely! All you need is a stable internet connection. We offer GLOBAL SUPPORT and multi-lingual coaches to ensure a smooth training experience.

Your SAFETY and privacy are our top priorities. All sessions are conducted by in-house, vetted PRO coaches to ensure a secure and effective training environment.

Simply browse our website, choose your preferred Training Plan, and schedule a session. It’s as EASY as that!

Augmentation Evoker Mastery

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