Amirdrassil, The Dream’s Hope Boost – Normal, Heroic, and Mythic

Experience the thrill of Amirdrassil, The Dream’s Hope raid across all difficulties – Normal, Heroic, and Mythic. Choose your challenge level and unlock an array of rewards, from rare gear to prestigious achievements. Whether you’re aiming for a smooth raiding experience or seeking the pinnacle of PvE glory, our boost service caters to all your needs.


  • NORMAL: A full raid run with all bosses, offering item drops of 454-463 ilvl. Gain class tier set pieces, essential Dreaming Crests for upgrades, the exclusive Renewed Proto-Drake skin, and achievements for each boss conquered.

  • HEROIC: Step up the challenge for superior rewards, including 467-476 ilvl gear. Unlock 1-3 selections from the Great Vault, earn the prestigious Ahead of the Curve achievement, and acquire the unique Shadowflame Dragonriding skin. Heroic runs also offer a higher chance of acquiring coveted loot and achievements.

  • MYTHIC: Face the ultimate test with the highest level of rewards. Secure gear of 480-489 ilvl, a chance to earn the rare Anu’relos mount, and the esteemed Cutting Edge achievement. Mythic runs are for those who seek to stand at the top of PvE achievements, with exclusive rewards that signify your prowess.
👑 Loot options explaneid

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Group Loot

Our most affordable yet valuable option. With this choice, you’ll roll for items alongside other raid participants. Depending on the overall raid size, bosses will drop an average of 3 to 6 items, offering several loot opportunities. It’s an adrenaline-filled experience with every item reveal.

Armor and Token Priority

This option is tailored for those seeking a more exclusive raiding experience. Here, all armor pieces and tokens suitable for your class are exclusively reserved for you. This means when such items drop, they’re automatically yours. However, non-set items, like necklaces, rings, trinkets, cloaks, and weapons, will be contended among you and a few other privileged clients. The total number of items and average per boss is set as follows:

  • 10 unsaved players – Total: up to 27 items (Avg. 2-3 per boss)
  • 15 unsaved players – Total: up to 36 items (Avg. 3-4 per boss)
  • 20 unsaved players – Total: up to 45 items (Avg. 4-5 per boss)
  • 26 unsaved players – Total: up to 54 items (Avg. 5-6 per boss)

Full Priority

The pinnacle of our offerings. As the sole client in the raid, you have the primary claim on every item that drops. Regardless of the item type – if it drops, it’s yours. The total number of items you will procure depends on the number of unsaved players you choose for your raid. Moreover, you have the option to bring along guests according to the raid size:

  • 10 unsaved players – Total: up to 27 items (Avg. 2-3 per boss, 1 guest allowed)
  • 15 unsaved players – Total: up to 36 items (Avg. 3-4 per boss, 2 guests allowed)
  • 20 unsaved players – Total: up to 45 items (Avg. 4-5 per boss, 3 guests allowed)
  • 26 unsaved players – Total: up to 54 items (Avg. 5-6 per boss, 4 guests allowed)

The Full Priority is designed for those who wish to maximize their haul, offering the most personalized and exclusive experience we provide.

🛠️ Boost Method

Requirements: You will need to have a level 70 character to take advantage of this service.
  • Gameplay Options: Choose between piloting your character or using our Remote Control service.
  • Completion Time: Raid completion typically spans over a few days, tailored to your schedule.
  • Contact: We’ll engage via live chat or email to clarify any queries or details.
  • Prioritization: We operate on a priority system, emphasizing efficiency and your order timestamp.
  • Efficiency: Previous Amirdrassil raid completions might expedite the process.
  • Notification: Upon raid’s completion, you’ll be informed and can provide feedback.

RAID BOOST: Conquer the Mysteries of Amirdrassil, The Dream’s Hope!

Venturing into the heart of the Emerald Dream? Whether you’re a newcomer to its vibrant expanses or a seasoned explorer, our Raid Boost service transforms your Amirdrassil journey into a transcendent experience. The EMERALD gateway awaits, beckoning you to ASCEND and DOMINATE the challenges of The Dream’s Hope. Ready to etch your legacy in the annals of WoW?

🔥 Your Premium Benefits:

  • 👑 Unparalleled Achievements and Rare Collectibles: Seize the chance to MASTER Season 3 Dragonflight, showcasing achievements and collectibles that attest to your prowess amidst Azeroth’s elite.
  • 🧠 Elite Insights and Strategies: Benefit from the expertise of seasoned WoW veterans, guiding you through boss encounters and sharing invaluable tactics tailored for Amirdrassil’s unique challenges.
  • 🤜🤛 Unbeatable Team Dynamics: Unite with champions seasoned in the ways of Amirdrassil. Witness as every engagement becomes a testament to flawless coordination and raid mastery.
  • 💎 Exquisite Loot Opportunities: Embark on a journey filled with opportunities for iconic gear and elusive mounts, setting you apart as a beacon of excellence in WoW.
  • Optimized Run Efficiency: Bypass the challenges of group formation and unpredictable setbacks. We optimize every moment, ensuring you experience the best Amirdrassil has to offer.
  • 👨‍💻 Dedicated and Tailored Assistance: Our Raid Boost service ensures an unparalleled experience. Backed by our 24/7 support, we promise an adventure in Amirdrassil you’ll reminisce for ages.
Unlock your limitless potential with our Raid Boost service. Surpass typical gameplay, reap unparalleled rewards, and weave your own legend in WoW. Partner with us, and you’re not just participating—you’re etching a legacy. Prepare for unparalleled grandeur, Champion! Now’s your moment to recast your WoW saga into an unforgettable odyssey.


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Just ensure you have a character at level 70, and you’re all set to embark on your adventure!

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